Data security, data destruction

Our first duty at Cambridge Computer Recycling is to ensure the safety of any data you entrust to us.

Our free standard practice is to remove all hard drives and to fully wipe any that are reusable on our automated test benches. All drives that fail test, or that are too small or too old, are processed for metal recovery.

As your PC, laptop or server is never booted, no data is ever accessed or stored.

All reusable equipment is de-identified.

For those seeking the additional reassurance of having their disks physically destroyed, Cambridge Computer Recycling offer a shredding process at a cost of £5 (+ VAT) per drive. A signed Certificate of Data Destruction, with which is included a record of the make, model and serial number of each hard drive shredded, is provided upon completion of the destruction process.

Cambridge Computer Recycling also offer a Backup Tape destruction service at a cost of £2 per drive. We can also shred optical media at a rate of 7 disks for £2 (+ VAT).

Please contact us for further information.